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We Asked You: What should we do with the old Starbucks location?

There is a new Starbucks location on the IU South Bend campus. Previously located in the Education and Arts building, it now resides in the Student Activities Center (SAC), where the SubConnection used to be. We asked a few IU South Bend students what we should do with the now-empty location. 

We Asked You: What do you think about the availability of food on campus?

By: Kerry Garrett Staff-Writer Jo Polizzotto: “While there are opportunities for affordable and nutritious meals on campus, like the Grill, SubConnection, even the Express, it would be nice to see a little more variety in food options for students. However, I do really like having a salad bar available, vegetarian options, as well as Starbucks.”

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We Asked You: War in Ukraine

By: Mira Costello Co-Editor    In our small corner of Indiana, it is easy to watch the news and not feel that international conflict affects us. We complain when gas prices go up, and we worry about war in the abstract, but we forget how fortunate we are not to fear for our safety like those

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We Asked You: What’s your favorite winter tradition?

By: Reagan Ayala Intern With finals coming up fast many people are looking for some enjoyment right now to relax. With it being December and with many holidays coming up, we thought it would be a great idea to ask you, the student of IU South Bend, what your favorite winter traditions are. When asked

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We Asked You: What is your least favorite thing about IU South Bend?

By: Mira Costello Staff-Writer Even though we’re all happy to be back together for a COVID-19 safe, in-person semester, we know no campus has had a perfect transition. No campus is perfect at all – including IU South Bend.  Sophomore Isaac Allen’s biggest pet peeve at IU South Bend is Canvas. “I’m not a big

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We asked you: How soon do you start celebrating Christmas?

By: Alyssa Foster Co-Editor-In-Chief    Now that Halloween is over and November has begun, the debate over when to start preparing for Christmas is a hot topic. Some people start decorating and listening to Christmas music at the end of October, while others wait until Thanksgiving has passed. Some wait until the week of Christmas to

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We asked you: Are there enough healthy food options on campus?

By: Ashley Rose Intern    It’s no secret that the stereotype of college students eating ramen and microwave popcorn four days a week is the reality for most students. While this may be the reality, dining halls in colleges are expected to offer options to suit everyone’s dietary needs in a quick, easy and cheap way

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We Asked You: What’s your walk-up song?

By: Kaylee Darnell Staff Writer Nichole VanZant: Q: What’s your walk-up song? A: My hitting walk-up is Hypnotize by Biggie Smalls, and my pitching song is I Look Good by Chalie Boy. Q: What made you choose this song? A: I chose Hypnotize because I am a big fan of old school hip hop and

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