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Meet the staff: Chris Vreugdenhil

Hello! My name is Chris Vreugdenhil, and I am an intern at The Preface for the first time this semester. I am currently studying for a B.A. in Anthropology, a minor in History, and a Social and Cultural Diversity Certificate. 

Meet the staff: Matt Lood

Three years ago, a kid from Indianapolis was lost, he was confused, and he didn’t know where life would take him until he found IU South Bend. Then at IU South Bend, it happened again. Lost and confused and looking for that spark to start the rest of his life, he took a chance and joined The Preface.

“Getting Involved”:

cheerful multiethnic students with books sitting near university

If you’ve been a college student for longer than a day, you’re already tired of being told to “get involved.” You’ve heard it so many times it’s nearly become meaningless, leaving you without an idea of how to really attain that mysterious “involvement”. With 152 organizations listed on Titan Atlas, how are you supposed to make heads or tails of it all?

IU South Bend to implement central advising center

In a change that is being pushed across IU campuses, IU South Bend is creating a centralized advising center on the first floor of the Administration Building. Through this endeavor, the university hopes to create an area for students to easily access almost any academic service they may need. 

‘Hey, Coach’: The legacy of Steve Bruce

IU South Bend is still very new in its development as an athletic powerhouse, and one man who was influential in the growth of the department was Steve Bruce, the veteran IU South Bend athletics director who is passing the torch this year.