We Asked You: Shamrock shakes

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With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, we at the Preface wanted to share this extremely important PSA with our readers: Shamrock Shakes are BACK! Whether you love or hate them, most people have strong opinions about seasonal milkshakes.

Some people despise them, others wish they were available year-round, and some even mix them with chocolate to create their own mint-chocolatey deliciousness. To understand where members of our campus community stand on this critical topic, we asked you, the students at IU South Bend: How do you feel about Shamrock Shakes?

Lauren Wilcoxson, Freshman

Lauren Wilcoxson. Photo by/ Madison Ward


“I think they [shamrock shakes] are delicious! I like mint stuff, and I like shakes.”




Anthony Cox. Photo by/Madison Ward

Anthony Cox, Senior

“They [shamrock shakes] have 90 grams of sugar–which is an astonishing amount of sugar. It is kind of a moral problem that fast-food restaurants sell this cheap and very unhealthy food.”






Parker Norris, Junior

“Shamrock shakes have always been a favorite of my mother’s. I inherited that love of them from her. Although I do not always get one, I do make sure to get one for my mother. The delight she gets makes me happy.”

Parker Norris poses with a McDonald’s Shamrock Shake. Photo provided by Parker Norris.




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