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Christmas myths and origins

santa claus wearing boxing gloves

Have you ever wondered where the Christmas figures and symbols we all know originated from? Do you know the stories behind them? No matter what you believe or celebrate, most of us are familiar with Santa Claus, Krampus, Elves and Christmas trees. Here is a brief history of their origins and how they came to be what we know today.

We asked you: How soon do you start celebrating Christmas?

By: Alyssa Foster Co-Editor-In-Chief    Now that Halloween is over and November has begun, the debate over when to start preparing for Christmas is a hot topic. Some people start decorating and listening to Christmas music at the end of October, while others wait until Thanksgiving has passed. Some wait until the week of Christmas to

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Thanksgiving: The forgotten middle holiday

By: LESLIE LESTINSKY Staff Writer @LeslieWriteNow Can we all just take a second and give a little love to Thanksgiving? The fall holidays are upon us in all their glory. Society is quick to celebrate Halloween, and Thanksgiving is often glossed right over to get to Christmas. All the hype and elation that surrounds Halloween

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