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Opinion: Food on campus, what gives?

Picture this: it’s 2018. You get out of class at 11:15, hungry for lunch, and the campus is your oyster. Will you stop by Northside Express for a panini? Make a sandwich at the SubConnection? Perhaps get a drink from Starbucks, or just head to the tried-and-true Grill?

We asked you: Are there enough healthy food options on campus?

By: Ashley Rose Intern    It’s no secret that the stereotype of college students eating ramen and microwave popcorn four days a week is the reality for most students. While this may be the reality, dining halls in colleges are expected to offer options to suit everyone’s dietary needs in a quick, easy and cheap way

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Tasty Tips with Tay: TikTok to Table

By: Taylor Waldron Co-Editor-in-Chief tswaldro@iu.edu Wow, I’m actually cooking again! In short, you’re welcome. Totally kidding! Just feeling good and together for the first time in a long time. Like many, I’ve fallen into my fair share of TikTok dark holes. Most frequently, I end up on the food side of the app. I’ve seen

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A Walk in the Woods: Winter Hiking

By: John Griffee Columnist With the passing of another temperate beginning to winter, the harsh backend of another northern Indiana winter has started to unleash on the area. While the premise of hiking in these wintry conditions may seem quite unappealing to the average person, winter can be one of the best times to trudge

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The Student Soapbox: What are you mad about?

By: BRENDAN McDANIEL Guest Angry Ranter @brendan_preface Hi, I’m pissed. Everything sucks, and as a young twenty-something with opinions that people for the very first time seem to be listening to, I want to have someplace to yell about it. And while my regular segment, Not Quite News, is the perfect medium for me to

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