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Stay up late, go to class anyway


Christina Clark
Retiring Editor-In-Chief Christina Clark. Photo provided by Christina Clark.

Retiring Editor-in-Chief

In 2007, I graduated from Penn High School. iPods and cellphones still had buttons. Rock Band and Guitar Hero were making all of us into wannabe basement bands. Low rider jeans were “in” and guys in black eyeliner were “scene.” The economy was on the verge of one of its worst moments. If you had told me that touch screen everything and AirPods existed in 2019, I would have told you were full of it and gone back to listening to metal at ear drum damaging volumes.

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Susan Elrod on stepping into the role of Chancellor


Susan L. Elrod
Indiana University South Bend Chancellor Susan L. Elrod poses for a portrait in studio at the Von Lee on Thursday, April 4, 2019.

Susan Elrod is excited to come to IU South Bend for many reasons, but a few that stand out have to do with her love of the outdoors.

“This is an exciting part of Indiana, because of Michigan and Illinois. The lake right there,” Elrod said. “I’m a nature lover. I’m really looking forward to exploring the natural: the parks, the hiking trails, and I particularly love forests.”

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Students speak about campus safety


campus housing call box
An emergency call box on seen at River Crossing Housing. PHOTO BY/ZACHARY BEAUCHAMP

Staff Writer

A college campus is place of higher education, a place people go to further themselves and learn. A college campus should be a place where people feel safe. However, unfortunate as it may be, this is not always so. Is this the case on the campus of IU South Bend?

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Printmakers bring their art out into the world


doodle comic art sketch
Photo by khairul nizam on

Staff Writer

A new printmaking project brought students to a new place to show off work; the world around them. Unlike the usual print projects, the audience was the community.

Although places differed, the idea of the project was to get artwork out in the world rather than have it in a gallery-type setting. Printmaking has its roots tied in spreading information out into the world, not through galleries but in the streets.

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