Stories of the Week

Masks not mandatory for IU South Bend’s sports teams

By Kaylee Darnell


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Sports have been a topic for debate in recent months across the world. This doesn’t change for IU South Bend either. With the cancellation of spring sports last semester, and the delay of fall and winter sports this semester, questions about the season are constantly arising. 

As of current situation and state, masks are not mandated throughout all sports at IU South Bend. Indoor sports teams are technically required to wear masks, whereas outdoor sports teams have more flexibility on when and where to wear them. 

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Investment Club donates $4,000 to La Casa de Amistad

By: Kate Luce


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By raising money over the past year through the stock market, the IU South Bend Investment Club donated $4,000 to La Casa de Amistad, a local non-for-profit, this past week. The non-for-profit is a youth and community center offering educational, cultural and advocacy services on the west side of South Bend.

“We were all already familiar with La Casa. Me, personally, I have worked personally with Sam Centellas, the guy who runs La Casa. I have always liked what they have done. They have always done great work. We just thought it would be a good opportunity,” said John Desouza, president of the club.

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The Civil Rights Heritage Center hosts the Poetry Den live via Zoom 

By Eva Monhaut


PoetryDen Flyer. Photo / Pam Blair.

Poets and poetry lovers alike, mark the calendars for Sunday, Sept. 27 from 6 – 8 p.m. live via Zoom when the South Bend Civil Rights Heritage Center hosts The Poetry Den online. The event is open to the public for anybody who wants to perform or just listen in on others during the open-mic session mostly likely followed by a talk by a featured artist though this is still pending. All attendees must attend online via Zoom except those who are performing.

The Poetry Den is an opportunity for poets of all ages to share their poetry and spoken word pieces in a community of like-minded individuals. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak the Poetry Den had to be moved online with the exception of those performing online.

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Creating works of art, far apart

By Emily Hinds


As events go virtual, creative ways to stay engaged are happening on campus. Origami Craft Night took place via Zoom on Sept. 17. Desmond Lord, a member of Titan Productions took charge of the event and provided step-by-step instructions of how to make a variety of origami shapes and creations.

Many shapes and objects were taught how to make, such as an envelope, sailor hat, boat, box, heart and paper crane. If unfamiliar to origami, it was important to pay close attention to every step, in order to achieve the creation. 

Anyone can make origami creations. There are different levels of origami creations to consisting varying difficulty levels. 

“Origami creations are fun to make and are inexpensive, such as creating the heart for a nice Valentine`s Day gift,” Lord said. 

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