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Bee Art Contest buzzes back to campus


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antenna bee bloom blossom
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This semester the IU South Bend Bee Art Contest, hosted by the Center for a Sustainable Future, buzzes back to campus for its second year.

Contest organizer, Julianna Rieckmann, announced that this year the contest is not only open to students at IU South Bend but to the entire community over 18. Submissions are currently open until April 3, 2020.

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A walk in the woods: Lydick Bog


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Lydick Bog
Photo of Lydick Bog. Photo by//Johnathan Griffee

South Bend is home to many natural gems; hosting a multitude of nature preserves and parks, with many free to the public. Lydick Bog is the newest addition to the list of areas offered.

Lydick Bog spans 178 acres, with a trail that winds along the various wetland regions contained within the forest. While the trail is only a mile and a half long, it offers a wide range of terrain and plenty of picturesque areas.

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Michiana Sustainability Themed Anthology taking submissions


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person s left hand holding green leaf plant
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At IU South Bend, there are several opportunities to publish work in a scholarly journal, anthology, or magazine. The newest student-led anthology, Michiana Sustainability Themed Anthology, is accepting various mediums of sustainability-related work, including poetry, short stories, graphic narratives, photography, paintings, and sketches.

Meet new Preface staff member Jonathan Griffee


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Photo of Jonathan Griffee

Hello everyone. My name is John Griffee and I am a new intern with the Preface this semester. I am a Junior studying Communication Studies with a focus on Media Study, my minor being in Creative Writing.