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Seniors in the arts left with no place to perform among the COVID-19 response

By: KATE LUCE 2019 IUSB Ability Art Exhibition.

Staff Writer

With the push for the final weeks of the spring semester to be completed online, some majors are working better than others with an online environment. Perhaps students that are most impacted by this decision are seniors in the arts.

Integrated New Media and Fine Arts students need certain equipment that is too expensive to have at home to create their artwork. Theatre students need to perform with their classmates and receive feedback from their professors, and music students need a space to perform instruments or need the instruments on campus.

“My concentration is in drawing and painting, which means that sometimes I need a second opinion from my professor on how my piece is coming along. As of right now, my only way of communicating with my professors is through email. Simply emailing my professor a picture of my piece is not an effective way to get proper feedback. I need another set of eyes to see my piece there in the room, whether it’s from a new angle or in different lighting. With only a picture, my professor is only able to see one interpretation of my art, not experience it in the same space. This impedes his ability to give constructive criticism. Also, having to wait for an email back from professors can be frustrating and inconvenient,” Bradi Reardon, BFA Painting and Drawing, said.

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