Local leaders from the local cup will lay out the importance of social relationships and how they can influence a sustainable community. PHOTO/ALLISSA CORAK

Smart Sewers next in lineup for Sustainability and Innovation Lecture Series


Staff Writer


“So exciting!”

That’s how sustainability professor Krista Bailey feels about the next topic on the list for this semester’s Sustainably and Innovation Lecture Series.

Every Wednesday night at 7:30 p.m., local leaders speak to students and community members in room 1001 in Wiekamp Hall.

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SGA revises election bylaws


Managing Editor


After postponing an earlier vote, the Student Government Association has finally and unanimously passed revisions to its election bylaws.

The vote was initially postponed by the SGA during the Jan. 27 Senate meeting.

The revisions to the election bylaws comes in time for the upcoming election. The changes come after an election which saw four students disqualified for posting unapproved fliers both around campus and under doors in student housing, going door-to-door in student housing and posting unapproved messages on campus sidewalks.

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Gems in the Bend: Wine Lovers Edition



Staff Writer


While the Midwest is known for its breweries and finely crafted IPAs, the West Coast is known for it’s variety of wineries. And while wine tasting might seem a far cry from beer sampling, they are really quite similar. This week we will explore a place to do a little learning about wine here in the Bend.

One look at Tapastrie’s menu and you know you are not in your average South Bend restaurant. With a Pan-Mediterranean menu that includes food from regions like Spain, Greece and Turkey, Tapastrie has a lot of unique items to try, and lots of wines from around the world to try them with.

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