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Cops and Hot Dogs 3
Cops and Hot Dogs event. PHOTO CREDIT: Savannah McClaslin

Cops and Hot Dogs


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The IU South Bend Police Department were a part of a community outreach program, Hot Dogs with the Cops, on Sept. 12 on top of the parking garage. Students, faculty, staff and police came together to enjoy music, a fresh, grilled hotdog and each other’s company.

Kurt Martz, Chief of Police for IU South Bend, was present for the event.

“We hope to build and strengthen the relationship between our police department and the IU community through not only this event but future ones as well,” said Martz.

Martz plans to turn this initial community outreach event into the first in an annual line into the future of the campus. Martz is aware that the campus is always expanding. Through events like Hot Dogs with the Cops, he believes that the police department will continue to expand right along with the rest of the campus. Martz hopes that through events like these both the Officers and the IU community will get to know each other.

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Steve Leo and IU East Chancellor Kathryn Cruz-Uribe moderate Chancellor Search Forum in the SAC on Tuesday, Sept. 11. Photo by: CHRISTINA CLARK

Chancellor search forum opens floor for concerns



The large meeting room, room 220 in the SAC, was only about a third of the way full on Tuesday for an open meeting with the Chancellor Search Committee at IU South Bend. Filled mainly with faculty and staff, with a few students peppered in, the forum began just after its scheduled time. The room soon became filled with the concerns and needs felt throughout the campus community.

Kathryn Cruz-Uribe, IU East chancellor, opened the meeting. She introduced the representatives from Storbeck Pimental & Associates, the firm employed with the task of hiring IU South Bend’s new chancellor. Steve Leo, partner with the firm, and Cruz-Uribe started the conversation with the attendees.

“This is an opportunity for us to hear from you, about what you want us to know, about what you see as important for your new chancellor on your campus here,” Cruz-Uribe said.

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The IU South Bend bridge, demonstrating the opportunities to connect. PHOTO CREDIT/Katelyn Firestein

Are you interested in studying abroad?


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For students who are interested in studying abroad, there are 11 opportunities at IU South Bend for students to get involved this academic year. Over spring break there will be opportunities to travel to Mexico, Belize and Canada. During the summer, there will be multiple trips, including trips to Iceland, London, Athens, Japan, Florence and Costa Rica.

Though some trips might align well with more specific majors, such as business in Athens or English in London, all the study abroad trips fulfill credits for General Education requirements as well. This means that students do not need any specific pre-requisites for the trips.

Scholarships and financial aid can be used to cover expenses for the trip. There are also a variety of study abroad specific scholarships that are offered through IU South Bend and through other organizations.

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