Stories of the Week

Painting, pizza and pumpkins

By: Cassidy Martenson


Photo provided by Cassidy Martenson

   What’s better than free food and crafts? Last Wednesday, Campus Housing hosted Pizza and Painting for housing residents in the Community Building. The event offered students an opportunity to paint along with an IU South Bend art student and eat delicious pizza.

   The event was open to the first 30 people and lasted from 7 pm to 9 pm. Genevieve South, a freshman studying drawing and painting, led students through an art class that taught them how to paint pumpkins.

   Each student was given a small canvas, paint and brushes. While everyone received the same materials, students were allowed to paint freely or follow along with the demonstration. While South led the painting class, students enjoyed Papa John’s and refreshments.

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Basketball team brings home win against Holy Cross

By: Emily Hinds, Ashley Rose, and Cassidy Martenson 

Staff-Writer / Intern / Co-Editor

Photo provided by IU South Bend Athletic Department.

   IU South Bend’s basketball team took on Holy Cross college on Nov. 9, securing their first victory at their first home game of the season. Fans and cheerleaders cheered on the team as they defeated Holy Cross with a final score of 79 Titans, 46 Holy Cross.

   “I thought they played really well! Towards the beginning they had a rough start, but during the second half they definitely came back around. They had a lot more energy and motivation,” Keirra Bremer, IU South Bend cheerleader, said.

   The starting line up of the game consisted of the following players: Kenny Washington, Miles Tracy, Donyell Meredith II, Dylan Allen and Spencer Pettit.

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Meet the Staff: Taylor Garrett

By: Taylor Garrett


Photo provided by Taylor Garrett

   Hi! My name is Taylor Garrett, and I am an incoming page layout intern for The Preface. Since I am going to be working with the newspaper you read so often, I thought that I would introduce myself!

   Currently, I am a sophomore here at IU South Bend and am majoring in Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design. I have always been creative and am really enjoying learning more about my major. Being able to put my ideas and love for everything art into what I do in the future is something I’ve always dreamed about! 

   I am from North Liberty, Ind. and still currently live there. I have been to Tennessee and Florida several times in the past years, but also have visited the Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountains and Arches National Park.

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