Stories of the Week

IU President-Elect, Pamela Whitten, visits IU South Bend

By: Kate Luce


Photo provided by Kate Luce

A whirlwind trip to regional campuses has led IU President-Elect, Pamela Whitten, to visit IU South Bend on April 26. During her travels, Whitten has been given a Hoosier welcome throughout the IU campuses.

“I absolutely have been overwhelmed by the campus itself. It’s beautiful. The range of academic programs that are available are very strong, from sciences to incredible music. The range is stunning, and it’s wonderful,” Whitten said.

While at IU South Bend, Whitten visited with a small group of IU South Bend students, toured the campus and connected with local media to speak on the transition of presidents at IU and the goals she has for the university and as well as its regional campuses.

As of now, she is listening and learning as the transition to her presidency approaches. 

“It’s so important in these kinds of pre-days, and then in my initial days, to listen more than I talk, because there’s so much to understand and observe, across all aspects of the university. So that’s an important piece,” Whitten said.

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Active Minds opens conservation regarding Derek Chauvin’s verdict

By: Connie Klimek


IU South Bend Chapter of Active Minds hosted a discussion via zoom exploring thoughts and feelings on Derek Chauvin’s trial and guilty verdict. 

Nicole Haas, co-president of Active Minds, greeted attendees and gave Kevin Griffith, executive director of Student Advocacy and Community Engagement, an introduction. Griffith welcomed participants and said, “This is your room and your voice.”

Photo provided by Active Minds.

Griffith emphasized that the discussion is student lead and simply are facilitated by Active Minds.

Derrick Patty, learning disabilities specialist, began the discussion stating his thoughts on how quickly the verdict was delivered. 

Multiple students agreed that the verdict is a positive step in striving toward raising awareness and assigning accountability to the systematic racism present within the police force and court system.

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19 years of dedication to IU South Bend: Larry Lambert to retire after spring 2021

By: Cassidy Martenson 


After nearly two decades Larry Lambert, associate professor of communication arts, will retire at the end of this semester. His passion, kindness and dedication to the IU South Bend community will be missed by faculty and students. 

Photo provided by Larry Lambert

Lambert received his Ph.D. in Communication and Culture with a focus in rhetoric from Indiana University Bloomington in the 1990s. His dissertation, “Invoking the Machine: The Rhetorical Appeal to Machine Technology in American Whig Discourse” is an analysis of the political and cultural movement and how it has shaped the American identity. 

He began teaching at IU South Bend in the 2002 fall semester. He has taught a range of communication courses including Business and Professional Communication and Organizational Communication. In his final semester, Lambert is teaching Introduction to Speech Communication, Persuasive Speaking and Nonverbal Communication.

“He was our departmental historian, helping us to understand the departmental traditions before many of us arrived as faculty. He also mentored several faculty in our department, including myself, as we went through the promotion process,” Kari Wilson, department chair of the communication studies department, said.

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