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Some of our favorite Welcome Week moments

Not once, but twice


Elizabeth Bennion. Photo provided by Elizabeth Bennion

Staff Writer

Elizabeth Bennion, professor of political science, has recently received the Barbara Burch Award once again. This makes Bennion the first person to win this award twice, initially winning the award in 2016.

The Barbara Burch Award is given to professors with at least five years of experience who show leadership in civic engagement. In total, 420 national colleges and universities put in nominations for this award.

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Not Quite News: Guys, calm down about the Spider-Man thing, you’re not helping

By: Brendan McDaniel

people wearing spider man adult costume walking on train station
Photo by Ahmad Haqim on

Staff Columnist


Hello, fellow college students returning from a not-at-all insane summer full of completely reasonable news and events! After taking some time off of reporting to post nonsense on Twitter and annoy my friends and family about how the world is both literally and figuratively on fire right now, I’m back and ready to bring you fresh hot takes on media and pop culture.

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Université de Toulon Professor Andrei Ilie Popescu visits IU South Bend


AI POPESCU in teacher's office
Headshot of Professor Andrei Ilie Popescu. Provided by/Andrei Ilie Popescu


Staff Writer

IU South Bend is often recognized as an institution that creates opportunities for students to get involved with various communities and engage with different groups of people. The campus works closely with faculty from Universities around the world to strengthen the educational and cultural opportunities provided to students. One opportunity that is quickly approaching is the visit from Professor Andrei Ilie Popescu this fall.

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