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A Walk in the Woods: Remnants of the Kankakee

By: John Griffee Staff Writer Long before South Bend’s establishment, there was a humble river that flowed through the area, influencing the course of history and the shaping of our environment: The Kankakee River. Though the Kankakee has lost most of its grandeur and size due to human intervention, the river still flows through the

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Haas and Mueller face-off amid 2020 South Bend mayoral race

By: HOPE FOWLER Staff Writer hfowlerg@iu.edu Last Tuesday, October 1, Sean Haas (R) and James Mueller (D), two fierce candidates for mayor, faced off at IU South Bend Wiekamp Hall for a constructive debate led by the community. Dr. Elizabeth Bennion, leader of the IU South Bend American Democracy Project, monitored the debate. Questions for

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Mayor Pete announces presidential run

On a rainy and cold Sunday, April 14, South Bend’s Mayor Pete Buttigieg held an event at the Studebaker 84 Building to formally announce his presidential campaign for the 2020 election. Two students working with The Preface were in attendance, Carter DeJong and Taylor Hill.  

Holiday happenings over winter break

By: CHRISTINA CLARK Staff Writer clark66@umail.iu.edu   Classes are quickly coming to a close, and soon finals will be wrapped up as well. What will you do with all of the free time afforded to you between work and family (chosen or otherwise)? South Bend, Mishawaka, Goshen, Elkhart, and the surrounding areas have plenty of

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Gems in the Bend: Drinking and dining on a student budget

By: KENDALL ASBELL Staff Writer @kendallasbell This week in Gems in the Bend, we’ll be featuring a lesser-known bar located downtown, and this gastro pub has a style of its own. This Week: LaSalle Tavern Over the past few years, speakeasy bars have been trending in coastal cities like Los Angeles and New York. These

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Adventure the bend

BY: TRICIA MCCANN Staff Writer @tricia_mccann Fall semester sounds like the binding of a textbook being opened for the first time. It’s the rush to class and the desperate search for a parking spot. The chaos on campus can sometimes be overwhelming after such a relaxing summer, but there are plenty of hang-out spots around

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420 Jam Fest helps grow South Bend’s local music scene

By: IZZA JATALA Staff Writer Going on its third year, 420 Jam Fest is bigger and better than ever. That’s according to the music festival’s creator, Vincenzo Carrasco, who will be performing as a drummer for one of the headlining bands, Anival Fausto Band. 420 Jam Fest will be an all-day event at the State

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