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Hop into the year of the rabbit

Jan. 22 marked the year of the rabbit in the lunar calendar. The Lunar New Year – also referred to as the Chinese New Year – is celebrated worldwide, primarily in a number of East Asian countries where it is an observed holiday. Even now, celebrations are growing around the world with each passing year. This year, we celebrate the rabbit – it has waited 12 long years for its time to shine, with the last year of the rabbit all the way back in 2011!

A year in review: 2022’s best albums

My name is Jordan Bontrager, and I’m excited to be starting a weekly column about all things music. As a musician of 15 years, I want to spread the love and understanding I have for music everywhere I go. To introduce my music taste, I thought I should count down what I thought were the top five albums of 2022.

Friends of the Bend: Owls

Owls are birds of prey under the order Strigiformes. There are over 200 species that live everywhere except Antarctica. The family Tytonidae is made up of barn owls, and has distinct features like heart-shaped faces and screaming instead of hooting. The other family, Strigidae, is made up of true owls. True owls can hoot and have round faces.

SGA talks student success at lunch with new VP

Assistant Vice Presidents for Student Success Yolanda Trevino, Philemon Yebei and Jim Kennedy also attended. Other administrators, including IU South Bend Dean of Student Life Monica Porter and Student Success Specialist Kate Golstein, also accompanied Payne-Kirchmeier. 

Canadian journalist, author, filmmaker to appear in South Bend area

Canadian journalist, author and documentary filmmaker Lauren Southern will visit the South Bend area as a featured guest during 95.3 MNC’s Noise event.  The event will be held on Nov. 19 at the Lerner Theatre at 410 S Main St, Elkhart, IN. Southern will appear on stage with 95.3 MNC’s Casey Hendrickson, Jon Zimney and

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