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April is Autism Acceptance Month

Autism is a disorder that affects around 2.2 percent of all American adults. That number may seem small, but it makes up an estimated 5,437,988 people! The autism community has made great strides and accomplishments in the world, so a month of recognition and appreciation is well deserved. 

Sip & Study: LangLab artist-run cafe

Welcome back to another week of Sip & Study! This week’s cafe adventure was a bit different than usual, but equally if not more exciting than previous ones. On March 28, local co-working space LangLab held a private event to introduce their new project, an artist-run cafe. The event was to test out and evaluate menu items, explain the project and get a feel for what the cafe will be like when it opens in approximately three weeks.

Prof. Merilee Britt encourages women in chem

Merilee Britt has taught chemistry at IU South Bend for over 22 years. She earned Merit Status, a promotional category that recognizes outstanding contributions of Associate Faculty, in 2019. This status is awarded to those who have made a professional commitment to IU South Bend.

We Asked You: What do you think about the availability of food on campus?

By: Kerry Garrett Staff-Writer Jo Polizzotto: “While there are opportunities for affordable and nutritious meals on campus, like the Grill, SubConnection, even the Express, it would be nice to see a little more variety in food options for students. However, I do really like having a salad bar available, vegetarian options, as well as Starbucks.”

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