We Asked You: What is your least favorite thing about IU South Bend?

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By: Mira Costello


Even though we’re all happy to be back together for a COVID-19 safe, in-person semester, we know no campus has had a perfect transition. No campus is perfect at all – including IU South Bend. 

Isaac Allen

Sophomore Isaac Allen’s biggest pet peeve at IU South Bend is Canvas. “I’m not a big fan of Canvas. Every professor already uses it their own way, so I’d rather at least have some consistency, or we might as well go back to paper.”

Micaiha Cross

Freshman Micaiha Cross, who lives on campus, doesn’t like that the Campus Housing parking permits can’t be used for other on-campus lots. “We have to park and walk. I like walking the bridge, but when it’s cold outside I don’t want to walk to school. I heard the snow is really bad down here, too.”

Ian Greaves

Senior Ian Greaves, who lived on campus for his first two years at IU South Bend, echoes a sentiment shared by many hungry students: “I’ve got to say my least favorite thing about IUSB is the lack of a convenient, open-late food option. It would’ve been really cool if me and a group of friends could’ve had a dining experience later than 2:30.”

Delia Udave

Delia Udave, a senior who lives on campus, couldn’t think of many things she disliked. “I guess I would have to say the tuition prices,” she said.

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