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On and off campus critters

By: Ashley Rose Photographer/Staff-Writer We’re all familiar with the campus critters who keep us company between classes: geese, squirrels, birds, groundhogs and the occasional chipmunk or duck. But what about the critters that keep us company at home and are there to greet us after a long day at school? Meet some of your fellow

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Actively and mindfully destigmatizing mental health

By: Ashley Rose Staff-Writer/Photographer    Active Minds is a national student led nonprofit organization that is dedicated to advocating and destigmatizing mental health, especially within the young adult community Active minds.They try to reach the community through peer to peer interactions that encourage young adults to open up about their mental health journeys as well as

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Supporting those in Ramadan

By: Ashley Rose Photographer/Staff-Writer    Ramadan, a Holy month, is a four-week period of spiritual growth for Muslims. During this period, participating Muslims abstain from physical items, such as water and food, as well as improve their emotional and intellectual processes by abstaining from immoral behaviors including gossiping, lying and using foul language.     While this is

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Art display in E&A

By: Ashley Rose Photographer/Staff-Writer    As of Wednesday April 6, there is a new art exhibit available for viewing in the Education & Arts building. Along with some of the art provided, there is an assortment of digital art on display that can only be experienced in-person.    Some pieces by Rachel Ross, Ashlie Ham, Stuart Mayfield

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Riverside Housing hosts open mic night

By: Ashley Rose Photographer/Staff-Writer    Titan Productions hosted an open mic night at the Riverside Community Building on March 29 with over double the expected number of attendees.     With the lights dimmed and a single spotlight presented, the stage was set. Titan Productions anticipated having roughly 25 attendees to the event, but staff members had to

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Discounts for Days

By: Ashley Rose Photographer/Staff writer    As college students, we all know the cliche story of college students only eating ramen is actually pretty accurate. It can be hard to afford much as a college student, and a discount or coupon can go a long way. If anything, it would be easier to have a coupon

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Our women on campus

By: Ashley Rose