We Asked You: What’s your favorite winter tradition?

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By: Reagan Ayala


With finals coming up fast many people are looking for some enjoyment right now to relax. With it being December and with many holidays coming up, we thought it would be a great idea to ask you, the student of IU South Bend, what your favorite winter traditions are.

When asked about her favorite tradition, Sophomore Shania Le said “My favorite tradition would have to be decorating gingerbread houses with my sister!”

Freshman Jillian Mann described how her family bonds in the winter. Mann said “One night, my family and I will make cookies and watch movies with hot cocoa late into the night together.”

Celeste Feitz, a sophomore business major who spends a lot of time on campus with her friends, said that one thing she has to do every year is “spend time with my family and enjoying all of our get-togethers!”

Music focused sophomore Cameron Dobbs spends a lot of time busy with school and work says “My favorite winter tradition is getting together with my friends and family for New Years Eve and spending some nice quality time together”.

The winter months can be hard on many, especially with school in the way. Taking finals, going on break, and having to start a new semester can be very daunting for many. 

Remember to take some time for yourself! Sit down and relax a little, with your family or friends. 

Maybe start a new tradition. Have an annual secret santa or white elephant gift exchange. Consider making watching a specific movie a yearly tradition.

Anything can be turned into a tradition as long as you enjoy it! 

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