Tag: Campus Housing

Students moving back to campus

By: Cassidy Martenson Staff Writer  Campus has been quiet without students these past couple of months, but as of this weekend on-campus housing is back open at IU South Bend. Students began moving back to campus with protocol in place to keep staff and students safe on Feb. 4-6.  Due to the weather, the arrival

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Parking at IU South Bend, what has changed?

By: Ashley Cox  Staff Writer  Most students are on a web-based learning this fall semester, meaning, some have little to no in-person classes. What does this mean for parking on campus? There has been more parking spaces available for students going to their in-person classes than ever before. Some parking lots that once were hectic

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Students speak about campus safety

By: ZACHARY BEAUCHAMP Staff Writer zbeaucha@iu.edu A college campus is place of higher education, a place people go to further themselves and learn. A college campus should be a place where people feel safe. However, unfortunate as it may be, this is not always so. Is this the case on the campus of IU South

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