We asked you: How soon do you start celebrating Christmas?

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By: Alyssa Foster


   Now that Halloween is over and November has begun, the debate over when to start preparing for Christmas is a hot topic. Some people start decorating and listening to Christmas music at the end of October, while others wait until Thanksgiving has passed. Some wait until the week of Christmas to put their tree up, while others leave their tree up year-round. With curiosity about how IU South Bend students feel, we have found that there is a good mix of feelings on the topic.

Katelyn McBride

Senior Katelyn McBride is an avid Christmas lover and is not one to wait. “I have been listening to Christmas music year-round, but I started non-stop listening at the beginning of October. Once Halloween is over, I will decorate for Christmas. I would have decorated earlier, but I told my roommate I would wait until after Halloween,” McBride said.

Jordan Keeley

Jordan Keeley is a freshman at IU South Bend and has a very different opinion from McBride. “I’m one of those people that doesn’t start anything Christmas until after Thanksgiving. The day after Thanksgiving is when the tree goes up and the shopping starts!” 

Nolan Back

Freshman Nolan Back feels similar to Keeley. “People start putting stuff out right after Halloween and I’m like, we still have to go through Thanksgiving. We still have two months or so until Christmas,” Back said. 

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