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Chancellor Elrod reflects on empowerment

This International Women’s Day, The Preface spoke to Chancellor Susan Elrod, the woman in charge of IU South Bend. Some of her responsibilities include overseeing the overall campus vision, enrollment, budget and performance on those issues. She also supervises the management of resources and monitors students’ degree completion.

Composting and Sustainability: IU South Bend Go Green Initiatives

According to, humans extract an estimated 55 billion tons of fossil energy, minerals, metals and biomass from the earth every year. Protecting our planet starts with you. IU South Bend is re-launching a composting and sustainability initiative this spring to improve environmental efforts of composting food waste to reduce our contributions to landfills and methane emissions.

Looking for an internship? Here are some resources!

The time of year is upon us when students are looking for a summer job or internship. This can undoubtedly be a difficult task when trying to balance the search with your studies, extracurricular activities and personal life. To make your job or internship search easier, here are some resources that could help.

Prof. Merilee Britt encourages women in chem

Merilee Britt has taught chemistry at IU South Bend for over 22 years. She earned Merit Status, a promotional category that recognizes outstanding contributions of Associate Faculty, in 2019. This status is awarded to those who have made a professional commitment to IU South Bend.

Students respond to LGBTQ+ incident at Chi Alpha karaoke event

On Feb. 22, campus ministry group Chi Alpha hosted a karaoke night in the River Crossing Campus Housing Community Building. The event was open to the public, and many students enjoyed a night of socializing and singing. However, issues arose when some students were prevented from singing the songs of their choice.