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Center for a Sustainable Future hosts virtual pollination event

By: Alyssa Foster Staff Writer The IU South Bend Center for a Sustainable Future hosted a “Planting for Pollinators” event on Thursday through a live stream. The event lasted just under 45 minutes and provided viewers with information on pollinators and why they play such important roles.  IU South Bend is currently one of 11

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The stench of spring

By: Kate Luce Co-Editor-in-Chief Spring is here, and maybe it will finally stick in Northern Indiana. However, with spring comes an unexpected stench in the air. Is it rotting fish?  No, it is the infamous Callery Pear. The Callery Pear is a small ornamental tree, known for its beautiful – but smelly – white flowers

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Indiana: Birdwatcher’s Heaven

By: John Griffee Columnist  Those that visit park websites for information in the area may see a common theme that pops up in a majority of park features: the Indiana Birding Trail. While Indiana is considered a mundane state compared to other hotspots, the state is home to an incredibly diverse amount of avian life. 

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