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The Botany Club tapped into Sugar Camp Days at Bendix Woods

By: Kate Luce Co-Editor-in-Chief kmluce@iu.edu The IU South Bend Botany Club “tapped” into their knowledge of maple trees when they headed east to Bendix Woods for a tour of the park’s maple syrup production on March 5.  The club took to the park to learn about tree biology, maple tree tapping and the shining star

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Indiana: Birdwatcher’s Heaven

By: John Griffee Columnist  Those that visit park websites for information in the area may see a common theme that pops up in a majority of park features: the Indiana Birding Trail. While Indiana is considered a mundane state compared to other hotspots, the state is home to an incredibly diverse amount of avian life. 

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A Walk in the Woods: Bendix Woods

By: John Griffee Staff Columnist  South of U.S. 20 resides Bendix Woods County Park, a 195-acre preserve with a wide variety of activities and resources for visitors. The entrance to the park gives an example of what parkgoers will find during their trips, with large looming trees flanking the winding road. Past the entrance, the

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