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Indiana: Birdwatcher’s Heaven

By: John Griffee Columnist  Those that visit park websites for information in the area may see a common theme that pops up in a majority of park features: the Indiana Birding Trail. While Indiana is considered a mundane state compared to other hotspots, the state is home to an incredibly diverse amount of avian life. 

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A Walk in the Woods: Winter Hiking

By: John Griffee Columnist With the passing of another temperate beginning to winter, the harsh backend of another northern Indiana winter has started to unleash on the area. While the premise of hiking in these wintry conditions may seem quite unappealing to the average person, winter can be one of the best times to trudge

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A Walk in the Woods: Potato Creek State Park

By: JOHN GRIFFEE Staff Writer Potato Creek State Park offers one of the best local park experiences available in our area. The park’s amenities include camping areas, fishing locations with boat launches, picnic areas, a beach front, a wide variety of trails, including for snowmobiles, hikers and mountain bikers, along with a nature center which

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