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Seniors in the arts left with no place to perform among the COVID-19 response

By: KATE LUCE Staff Writer  kmluce@iu.edu With the push for the final weeks of the spring semester to be completed online, some majors are working better than others with an online environment. Perhaps students that are most impacted by this decision are seniors in the arts. Integrated New Media and Fine Arts students need certain

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Online classes don’t work for Fine Arts 

By KATE LUCE Staff Columnist With school currently being online, I think the students that will suffer the most are ones in Fine Arts. I recently wrote a piece about seniors in the arts, but anyone in fine arts might have the hardest time transitioning into an online environment. I want to say, I do

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SGA helping student concerns among IU’s COVID-19 response 

By: KATE LUCE Staff Writer kmluce@iu.edu With IU’s system-wide push for classes to go online, the Student Government Association (SGA) is not stopping to provide for students and function as an organization. The SGA is currently looking into ways to help students and faculty who are affected by the university’s response. There is a lot

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