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The stench of spring

By: Kate Luce Co-Editor-in-Chief Spring is here, and maybe it will finally stick in Northern Indiana. However, with spring comes an unexpected stench in the air. Is it rotting fish?  No, it is the infamous Callery Pear. The Callery Pear is a small ornamental tree, known for its beautiful – but smelly – white flowers

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A Walk in the Woods: Rebirth

By: John Griffee Staff-Writer Around the world, spring marks the rebirth and resurrection of what once was lost to winter. Spring holds a deep significance in a multitude of cultures and faiths, representing wholly a time of change. This sentiment of rebirth stems from the way that our surroundings begin to shift and transform in

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A Walk in the Woods: Winter Hiking

By: John Griffee Columnist With the passing of another temperate beginning to winter, the harsh backend of another northern Indiana winter has started to unleash on the area. While the premise of hiking in these wintry conditions may seem quite unappealing to the average person, winter can be one of the best times to trudge

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