One last time

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By: Kate Luce


Wow, I cannot believe I have gotten to this point. It’s so hard to believe that four years ago, I was 18, nervous but excited to start school and The Preface. I still am in complete shock that this is my final article during my college career.

With the Daft Punk song, “One Last Time,” ringing in my head, the past few weeks have felt bittersweet. I am so happy to move onto adult life. I am soon becoming a producer for ABC57 in the next few weeks, an exciting but also nerve racking endeavor I am not sure how to feel. My next move will hopefully start my MFA in Printmaking at IU Bloomington.

I am sad though, I will miss my mentors and friends, campus life, the freedom I have felt with school. I will miss writing for The Preface, meeting new people and most importantly, Ken and all of my co-workers.

When I first started IU South Bend, like many, it was never my first choice. I had plans to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, but man, my family really could not afford it. Distraught, I chose to go here since I could double major affordably. Little did I know that coming to this school would be the best decision of my life. I have met some of my best friends, mentors and (even by-proxy – the love of my life!).

Before I go, I need to say my thank you’s. I want to firstly thank my mentor, someone I will always look up to and my friend, Bill Tourtillotte. Bill is someone I can always talk to, regardless if it’s about printmaking or just life itself. He always knows the right things to say, has inspired me to continue pushing with my work and even inspired me to change my major. I know this sounds cheesy, but when I grow up I want to be him. I hope there’s a way we can still stay in touch even when I leave.

I also want to thank Ken Klimek, who has been my boss and journalism mentor these past four years. Ken is much like a fatherly figure in my eyes. He’s always been there to help and has been so great with making sure things run smoothly, when I could not do it. He’s been such a kind and funny presence to be around, I definitely will miss him and his sarcasm! I also hope we stay in touch. 

I need to thank all of my editors I have worked alongside me in the past year and a half. Taylor, who has been one of my closest friends and roommates, was great to work alongside. We actually met because of The Preface! Last year was such a strange year, but we made it work and pulled out strong issues regardless! It was so nice to have a friend to work alongside.

I also want to thank my current editors I’ve worked alongside this past semester. Alyssa, Cassidy, Mabel, it really has been wonderful working alongside you all. This semester has truly felt so much fun and like one big friend group. We made some pretty awesome issues this year.

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