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Moving on…finally!

I knew the time to write this story would come, but I never knew I would actually be ready for it! Since I have always been such a passionate student, I assumed I would struggle with the idea of graduating. However, I am ready to graduate and move forward, and unfortunately that means leaving The Preface behind.

The last one

By: Mabel Myers Editor-in-Chief    I have absolutely put off writing this all week because of finals, but I am now getting to it at 11 p.m. on the day it is due. I still cannot believe this is the last piece I will be writing for The Preface, but anyway, let’s go for it.    When

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My Gratitude for and Goodbye to IU South Bend

By: Connie Klimek Staff-Writer Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault    Reminiscing my growth at IU South Bend is quite emotional for me, as I came to IU South Bend feeling capable and confident in myself for the first time in my life.      However it took transferring from Saint Mary’s College where I honestly felt quite  unfulfilled and

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A thank you to IU

By: Chloe Teall Staff-Writer    To be candid, when I started at this university four years ago I had pretty low expectations. As a South Bend native I harbored some disappointment for not being able to go to another city, move into a dorm, and live out the college experience as I’d seen it depicted in

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One last time

By: Kate Luce Editor-in-Chief  Wow, I cannot believe I have gotten to this point. It’s so hard to believe that four years ago, I was 18, nervous but excited to start school and The Preface. I still am in complete shock that this is my final article during my college career. With the Daft Punk

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Four years down with the The Preface

By: Taylor Waldron Co-Editor-in-Chief Four years with The Preface have flown by. I remember walking across the campus bridge from River Crossing to my first interview with the former Editor-in-Chief, Jim Irizarry, in the fall of 2017. I was 18, completely terrified, but so excited to write for a college publication.   I interviewed and submitted

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A Walk in the Woods: Endings and New Beginnings

By: John Griffee Staff Writer Across railroad tracks and nestled on a dirt road is Topinabee Lake Preserve. There is no grand entrance or signs screaming out to drivers, nor is there a parking lot. Topinabee Lake Preserve is highly reminiscent of one of the first parks I ever covered: Chamberlain Lakes Nature Preserve.  If

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