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Senior goodbye: Kaylee Darnell

For the last three and a half years, I’ve been writing the sports stories for the Preface, but this story is different. This time, I’m signing off and saying goodbye. This is such a bittersweet feeling…it hurts so much to close one chapter, but knowing you’re about to turn the page to the next chapter is so exciting. 

Senior Goodbye: Tahyia Alvi

As I type this message, it feels unreal to bid farewell to my friends, professors and colleagues at IU South Bend. It’s safe to say that this campus has been my home away from home. Here, I had the honor of meeting the most helpful and courteous professors in the College of Liberal Arts, who pushed me to be great, not just as a student, but also as a politically aware human being.

Moving on…finally!

I knew the time to write this story would come, but I never knew I would actually be ready for it! Since I have always been such a passionate student, I assumed I would struggle with the idea of graduating. However, I am ready to graduate and move forward, and unfortunately that means leaving The Preface behind.

The last one

By: Mabel Myers Editor-in-Chief    I have absolutely put off writing this all week because of finals, but I am now getting to it at 11 p.m. on the day it is due. I still cannot believe this is the last piece I will be writing for The Preface, but anyway, let’s go for it.    When

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My Gratitude for and Goodbye to IU South Bend

By: Connie Klimek Staff-Writer Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault    Reminiscing my growth at IU South Bend is quite emotional for me, as I came to IU South Bend feeling capable and confident in myself for the first time in my life.      However it took transferring from Saint Mary’s College where I honestly felt quite  unfulfilled and

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A thank you to IU

By: Chloe Teall Staff-Writer    To be candid, when I started at this university four years ago I had pretty low expectations. As a South Bend native I harbored some disappointment for not being able to go to another city, move into a dorm, and live out the college experience as I’d seen it depicted in

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