Need a boost?

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By: Cassidy Martenson 

Co-Editor / Community Outreach Specialist 

   First doses, second doses, and boosters oh my! The IU South Bend Health and Wellness Center is offering Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19  boosters and vaccines. 

   As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, booster shots can help to increase the effectiveness of the vaccine. A booster dose for any vaccine is an additional dose of the vaccine given after a certain amount of time because research has shown that the immunity and protection has begun to diminish. 

   “The booster shot will help protect against new variants, and can possibly decrease symptoms if positive for covid,” Bailey Peck, community nursing student, said.

   The CDC recommends that everyone 18 and older receive a COVID-19 booster shot. For Pfizer or Moderna, the booster should be given  at least six months after completing your primary vaccination series. For Johnson and Johnson, the booster should be given at least two months after completing your primary vaccination.

   The Health and Wellness Center only offers Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and boosters. As of Dec. 3, the Health and Wellness Center is out of stock of the Pfizer vaccine. They expect to receive a delivery soon. 

   “Now that classes are back in person it is very important for students to get the vaccine,” Peck said. 

   The Health and Wellness Center hosted vaccine blitz days on Dec. 3, 7, and 9. For more information about additional vaccine blitz events, check Daily Titan. For questions or to make an appointment at the Health and Wellness Center, call 574-520-5557. 

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