Look! Scholarship Art Sale supports student and alumni

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By: Kate Luce


   The Look! Scholarship Art Sale makes its return back to campus once more. The show brings artwork of all mediums by students and IU South Bend alumni.

   Last year, the sale was not able to go on because of the limited access to campus. Instead, students had a show open to just IU South Bend students, faculty and staff.

   “This year, we’re all still wearing masks and trying our very best to stay safe, and we are happy to be able to invite guests to campus to purchase art. Showing and selling art is a very satisfying  activity for both the artist and the buyer. I am very excited about the return of this activity,” Susan Moore, Department Chair of Fine Arts, said.

   This sale provides scholarships for fine arts students in the fall. 35% of proceeds go towards the scholarship, while artists keep 65% of their earnings for each piece sold. Students can only win the scholarship if they put work in the show. Applications for the scholarship will open shortly after the sale.

   Not only does the show provide for scholarships, but it allows for students to display work and make money from their work. The show provided a way for students to network with community members and faculty.

   “Receiving money for your creative work is powerful. You can give that power to another artist and purchase a unique piece of art,” Moore said.

  In addition to artwork of all kinds, used books will be for sale too – $2 for hard cover, $1 for soft cover. 

   “Books have been donated from a variety of community members. We are super excited to be able to feature several emeritus faculty including Harold Zisla in this year’s show. His family has donated two prints as well as some copies of his book. These new books are on sale for $20,” Moore said.

   This year, the fine arts department is pulling out all of the stops for this show. After a year of not being able to celebrate art the way many are used to, the show is set to be much like years prior.

   “It can be challenging to continue to raise money on an annual event like the Look Scholarship Art Sale but this year the capstone students have a larger group than ever before to publicize the art sale and they are working very hard together to increase participation from student artists, faculty artists and buyers,” Moore said.

   Students, staff, faculty and community members are all invited to the Look! Scholarship Sale. The sale will run from Nov. 3 to Nov. 7, from 12 pm to 5 pm in the Gallery in the Education and Arts building.

   Snag some unique work from local artists, or take a peek at what students are bringing to the table!

Photo provided by the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts.

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