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A Walk in the Woods: Endings and New Beginnings

By: John Griffee Staff Writer Across railroad tracks and nestled on a dirt road is Topinabee Lake Preserve. There is no grand entrance or signs screaming out to drivers, nor is there a parking lot. Topinabee Lake Preserve is highly reminiscent of one of the first parks I ever covered: Chamberlain Lakes Nature Preserve.  If

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A Walk in the Woods: Rudolphi Wildlife Refuge

By: John Griffee Staff Columnist Just off of Daly Road rests Rudolphi Wildlife Refuge, a park in Dowagiac, Michigan. Rudolphi Woods resides along the Dowagiac River, connecting trails from the city to the nearby campus of Southwestern Michigan College.  In it’s expansive acreage of 325 miles, 8 miles of trails weave through some of the

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Michigan votes to legalize recreational marijuana

By: CARTER DEJONG Staff Writer cadejong@iu.edu On Election Day, Michigan voters passed Proposal 1 to legalize recreational marijuana use with 56% of voters voted yes on the proposal. 4.3 million Michigan residents turned out to vote this year. Under the new law, Michigan residents 21 years and older will be allowed to keep up to

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