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A Walk in the Woods: Endings and New Beginnings

By: John Griffee Staff Writer Across railroad tracks and nestled on a dirt road is Topinabee Lake Preserve. There is no grand entrance or signs screaming out to drivers, nor is there a parking lot. Topinabee Lake Preserve is highly reminiscent of one of the first parks I ever covered: Chamberlain Lakes Nature Preserve.  If

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A Walk in the Woods: Remnants of the Kankakee

By: John Griffee Staff Writer Long before South Bend’s establishment, there was a humble river that flowed through the area, influencing the course of history and the shaping of our environment: The Kankakee River. Though the Kankakee has lost most of its grandeur and size due to human intervention, the river still flows through the

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A walk in the woods: Chamberlain Lake Nature Preserve 

By: JOHN GRIFFEE Staff Writer For those seeking a quiet, secluded hike, Chamberlain Lake Nature Preserve is perfect. Nestled between looming trees lies the entrance to an 82-acre nature preserve hosting a section of the once-great Kankakee Marsh. The park features a short mile and a half trail that leads to a view of the

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