Macadoo’s: The best bang for your buck in Michiana

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Taylor Waldron

Staff Writer, Food Columnist


Living in Michiana means that we’re surrounded by amazing local restaurants and more often than not, their high prices can push college students away. It’s easy to settle for fast food and frozen meals when they’re more affordable than local fare. Here, we’ll uncover the hidden restaurant gems of our community and find you the best meal for the lowest price at local restaurants.

Going out to breakfast can be intimidating for many college students. After paying for tuition, books, housing and bills there is little left to spare for a restaurant check. While many of us scrimp and save for necessities, we have to consider dining out a luxury.

Macadoo’s Family Restaurant in Mishawaka offers a nostalgic atmosphere, affordable eats, and most importantly, drop-your-jaw flavors. The majority of menu items are under $7 and the coffee is still only 99 cents.

Proudly printed on the side of the restaurant is “Sausage Gravy & Biscuit Outlet” and this bold statement lives up to its expectation. The biscuits and gravy are to die for. A full order will only cost you $5.50 and you’ll be full for the rest of the day.

A must-order with every breakfast visit is the Fresh Baked Jumbo Roll at only $1.25. This is a house-made cinnamon roll that’s covered in icing, served warm, and it’s big enough to split between you and your breakfast companion.

Taylor Waldron devours the Egg, Cheddar Cheese, and Ham Croissant Sandwich at Macadoo’s Family Restaurant in Mishawaka, IN. PHOTO BY/PAUL FERGUSON

My personal favorite is an Egg and Cheddar Cheese Croissant with Ham. This hearty sandwich is only $5.25 and with an added quarter order of the biscuits and gravy, you’re for sure to have a full and satisfied rest of your day.

Taylor Waldron excitedly anticipates her breakfast at Macadoo’s Family Restaurant in Mishawaka, IN. PHOTO BY/PAUL FERGUSON

The menu is both classic and diverse in nature. There’s something for every palate at Macadoo’s. I’ve accompanied the pickiest of eaters here and they always leave happy.

Macadoo’s first opened in 1989 in the River Park neighborhood in South Bend. After selling the space due to a need for more parking, Macadoo’s owner Timothy McDonald, found their current location in Mishawaka.

“My last name is McDonald, so you can see why I didn’t use it for the name,” said McDonald. “My older brother’s nickname was ‘Mac’ and so was my younger brother’s. They called me ‘Macadoo.’”

Macadoo’s is located on the edge of a Mishawaka neighborhood on Lincolnway East. Before it was Macadoo’s, the space served as a beauty salon and a house. When McDonald bought the space he turned it into the homey, quirky restaurant that stands today.

“While we were still in River Park, and before I bought this place, I had a dream that I’d open a restaurant in a house,” said McDonald. So when he found this space on Lincolnway, it was just meant to be.

Next time you’re craving breakfast and have some change to spare, head on out to Macadoo’s for an eating experience that will keep you coming back again and again.

For more information on Macadoo’s, visit their website

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