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Titans Feeding Titans celebrates three years


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What started as a semester long project for a social work class has become one of IU South Bend’s most important programs. The Titans Feeding Titans food pantry is open to any student or faculty member of IU South Bend. Upon its opening, the university realized the need for a resource like this on campus and decided to make it a permanent feature. The pantry is located inside of the Fine Arts building in room 111.

“We chose this location because people may feel there’s a stigma [using the pantry] and this space creates privacy and allows for easy access,” said Anne Drake, director of Disability Services and the face of the food pantry.

“This has been a great resource on campus for students and staff alike,” said Drake.

The pantry is stocked with canned food, boxed dinners, meat, cheese, dairy and will soon provide recipes that were specifically created by IU South Bend students for use of pantry ingredients. Those who use the pantry will be able to create delicious and creative dishes with simple ingredients.

In addition to food, Titans Feeding Titans also offers bathroom products, cleaning supplies, clothing and school supplies. Any student is welcome to use the pantry, and no one is ever turned away.

To celebrate three years of operation, Titans Feeding Titans will hold an open house on Feb. 20,  from 1-3 p.m. in the pantry. The open house will showcase the space, the services and will offer free pizza to the public. All are welcome to come and they are encouraged to bring donations. Things like canned soup, canned vegetables and pasta sauce are always appreciated.

Food insecurity at IU South Bend is real and it presents a need that must be met. Food insecurity can look like many different people. It’s not something that is easily identified by physical characteristics. It’s important to raise awareness for programs like Titans Feeding Titans so that all students and staff members know that assistance is available to them.

For more information on Titans Feeding Titans, visit their Facebook page.


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