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Headline Lightening Round: Games in March

By: BRENDAN MCDANIEL Staff Columnist @brendan_preface In the nearly full month since our last publication, the gaming world has positively exploded with newsworthy happenings. Although I could just as easily write full articles on any one of these topics, I decided to try and grab them all in a new segment I’ll call the “Headline

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Activision Blizzard fires 80​0 because business was good

By: BRENDAN MCDANIEL Staff Columnist I love video games. However, I do not love the video game industry. Once you get past the phenomenal triumphs of art and leisure that the world’s largest media industry can produce, you’ll find an industry filled with greed-fueled decisions, corporate cruelty and what can be only described as an

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League of Legends Club gets home base on campus, looks toward competition

By: GEOFF LESAR Staff Writer Legends are not made overnight. As IU South Bend senior Chance Starcher can attest, neither are campus clubs. Founder and president of the League of Legends at IUSB, Starcher presides over weekly gatherings of gamers bent on leveling-up and getting down on the online, multi-player action of one of the

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