Business in the Bend: South Blend Café

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By: Alyssa Foster


   South Bend is home to some of the most unique small businesses that offer one-of-a-kind experiences for residents and visitors to enjoy. From local restaurants to small boutiques, South Bend has adventures waiting for everyone. 

   The South Blend Café is home to a variety of food and specialty drink options and offers a historic atmosphere for dining and relaxing. The café is located next to the Morris Performing Arts Center and is a perfect stop during a walk around downtown South Bend.

   Food options range from breakfast sandwiches and wraps to paninis and pizzas. As a first timer at the South Blend Café, I tried an iced vanilla latte and could not have been more impressed. 

   While the local business is comfortable and welcoming, it also offers a student discount for college students. I was pleasantly surprised to be provided a great discount on my purchase, especially when going in to support such a unique local business. 

   While stopping in, I learned that there is definitely an option for everyone. With such a wide selection of meal choices and various non-dairy milk options to add into their specialty beverages, the South Blend Café is the perfect local spot.

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