Michiana Sustainability Themed Anthology taking submissions

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At IU South Bend, there are several opportunities to publish work in a scholarly journal, anthology, or magazine. The newest student led anthology, Michiana Sustainability Themed Anthology, is accepting various mediums of sustainability related work, including poetry, short stories, graphic narratives, photography, paintings, and sketches.

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, February 12th.

The editor of this anthology is junior Honor student Eva Monhaut, an English major with a double minor in French and Sustainable Studies. This project came to be as part of an internship Monhaut is doing with The Center for Sustainable Future.

Her decision to begin an anthology focusing on themes of sustainability rooted from her desire to learn about the ways the publishing industry can become more sustainable as a whole.

“Because when you think about the industry on the surface, you can think about the machines that need to be used to be published. How are those powered? Not very sustainably is the short answer” explains Monhaut.

Monhaut acknowledges the more eco-conscious publishers and presses and hopes that the rest of the industry follows in their footsteps.

Monhaut suggests, “Something to consider are the resources being used, like paper. The amount of paper, the type of paper, the material paper comes from…another thing to think about is ink. Some eco-conscious publishers are starting to use more natural based inks, such as plant-based inks.”

The Michiana Sustainability Themed Anthology is not solely limited to submissions from IU students. It is open to the community for all undergraduates in the area. The anthology is hoping to get submissions from other local colleges as well.

The creation of the anthology is funded through a grant Monhaut received from the Women of IU South Bend. The grant is fairly new and is used to cover layout and publishing costs.

Monhaut encourages “anyone who writes or creates any sort of art should submit. I think when a lot of people who are not directly involved or interested in sustainability hear that it is on themes of sustainability, they think of it narrowly. I really want to encourage people to think of it in a broader sense.”

The UN (United Nations) defines sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Monhaut continues, “they could write about nature…they could write about needs in terms of affection, security, food, shelter, etc. My point is, you could write about anything that touches on sustainability.”

For individuals unsure of whether their piece, visual or literary, would fit in this anthology, feel free to send an inquiry email for more information to Eva Monhaut at emonhaut@iu.edu. For more information visit iusbenglish.wordpress.com

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