Food drive aims to lessen campus waste

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The IU South Bend campus is aiming to do its part to help save the planet with a “No Waste Food Drive.” While conventional food drives collect canned and dry goods, this drive collects something different.

The drive aims at “Eliminating waste on campus and using food scraps in our compost bins,” said Tracy Horvath, Zero Waste Coordinator on campus. “[The] enriched soil will be used in the campus garden.”

The unique drive has been happening on campus since November and will continue until the end of the spring semester. Horvath hopes to do this year-round in the future.

The buckets for food scraps, labeled “I’m hungry feed me,” are located in the Education and Arts building, third floor of Weikamp, The Grille, SubConnect and Starbucks.

“We collect the scraps from dining services as well for composting,” said Horvath.

Some of the food that can be put in the buckets are lettuce, banana peels, egg shells, tomatoes and bread.

“No meat or cheese can be put in the buckets due to spoiling and it takes longer to break down and could draw critters,” said Horvath. “We need to be mindful of having one planet to live on, we don’t have another one and we must take care of it.”


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