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Ginny Heidemann, Director of the Academic Center of Excellence (ACE), says to come early and come often to tutoring services throughout the semester.

ACE is an IU South Bend student and graduate based tutoring program. ACE has tutors in almost every subject and typically has availability for students to drop in for tutoring. Students also have the opportunity to work with other students in their class.

The Learning Center offers drop-in tutoring on the fourth-floor of the Schurz Library, online tutoring, and supplemental instruction. They offer help in chemistry, biology, physics, anatomy/physiology, business, economics, computer science, language, music, and public speaking.

The Writers’ Room has drop-in tutoring, online tutoring, and WriteWell Coaching and offers help with papers in every subject. They are also on the fourth floor of the library.

The Math Tutoring Center is in Northside Room 310. It offers drop-in, online tutoring, supplemental instruction, and embedded tutoring.

Lastly, there is the Computer Science and Informatics Tutoring Center in Northside Room 207 offering drop-in and embedded tutoring.

Tutors are currently visiting classes, or if not, some tutors will stop by after the first exam happens. When tutors drop-in, Heidemann recommends that students ask any questions they may have or stop by the fourth floor of the library if they have any concerns.

“We are here for the students. Our tutoring centers employ over 100 students across all of our centers and services. We not only provide a peer tutoring service, which are students that are well trained, have taken the courses that the students behind them are working on, stay connected to the faculty that teaches [the courses] and are mentored by that faculty, and we provide on-campus employment for our students. We work around their schedules, and it’s also a way for tutors to stay connected to the foundations of the subject matter,” Heidemann said.

In addition, if students visit any of the tutoring centers five times, at least once in February, March, and April, they can qualify for a scholarship. Each semester, five scholarships are given.

Tutors weigh in on some of the reasons why students typically take advantage of the tutoring services.

“A lot of the time, students come to the writing room because they are confused or distressed. We like to make sure they have a full understanding of their assignment, what they are required to do, and how to cite things properly. All in all, it’s just a matter of wanting clarity or wanting to make sure they are doing the assignment clearly,” Shiloh Arnett, Writing Room tutor, said.

Arnett said that students that come to the Writing Center will not only improve their essay but have the skills to make their future essays stronger with proofreading skills and improved writing and word choice skills.

Tutors give their feedback on what students should expect when they come into the centers.

“Make a plan. Even if it’s some sort of basic outline. Maybe say these are the tests and the subjects, and look at the subjects and see what you are going to be tested over. Skim through those sections in the books, and then figure out how to best use your time. Some students will go through everything and plow through the beginning, and you get halfway through and you burn out. A lot of preparing for exams starts with planning,” Jeff Yoder, Physics and Math Tutor, said.

Tutors also recommend scheduling downtime. Study hard for a few hours and then take a break.

“I know everyone’s schedule is a bit different, but review every day. Even if it’s one day where you aren’t actively reviewing or writing down problems, just look through stuff for the class. Doing that every day, that will get you to remember it for the exam,” Emily Hiedemann, tutor, said.

For more information on the tutoring services offered by ACE, check out their website:

Some of the tutors, ready to help students in a variety of subjects. Photo by/KATE LUCE


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