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Université de Toulon Professor Andrei Ilie Popescu visits IU South Bend


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IU South Bend is often recognized as an institution that creates opportunities for students to get involved with various communities and engage with different groups of people. The campus works closely with faculty from Universities around the world to strengthen the educational and cultural opportunities provided to students. One opportunity that is quickly approaching is the visit from Professor Andrei Ilie Popescu this fall.

IU South Bend is proud to welcome Professor Popescu from the Université de Toulon September 9 through September 26. Popescu teaches in Lettres et Sciences Humaines (Humanities) at the Université de Toulon, which is located in the South of France. He specializes in British history and culture, French to English literary translation, as well as English phonetics and American history. He also expresses interest in scientific writing, creative writing and studying pop culture.

While visiting campus, Popescu will give a number of talks about life and politics within the French culture, as well as exploring politics in the United States and the UK. He will also be teaching French classes during his time on campus.

Popescu is looking forward to getting to know South Bend, expressing eagerness to explore the city and visit the Lake Michigan shore. With his vested interest in politics, Popescu plans to attend election events for the 2020 presidential campaign while also spending time learning more about local interests.

“I want to attend a football or baseball game as they are such typical US pastimes. I’m curious to visit the Studebaker Museum and other cultural institutions and I am open to receiving recommendations from students and colleagues, in fact I’m counting on it,” said Popescu.

In addition, Popescu will be continuing research for his PhD in Political Science on Margret Thatcher and charisma. Popescu plans to consult the libraries at IU and the University of Notre Dame during his time here. 

Students may also have a chance to enjoy a French movie night hosted by Popescu and Le Cercle de Français, IU South Bend’s French Club.

“I would like to see many people coming to French Club movie night. I have selected a cinema gem that marries French and American culture in an exciting French film,” said Popescu.

“I hope people will come and attend, discover more about France, and the region of France from where I come, the Var and the Côte d’Azur,” elaborated Popescu.

Popescu’s visit offers students a chance to learn more about French culture, which he is passionate about students understanding the complexity of.

“I [want students] to learn more about the French outlook on the world by getting familiar with French highbrow and lowbrow culture. They should learn that France is a multicultural country that is united by a secular French-speaking identity. I want them to learn to always wonder about things and ask questions in order to advance their knowledge of France and French culture,” concluded Popescu.

For more information on upcoming events and talks centered around Popescu’s visit, stay tuned for updates from Le Cercle De Français on Titan Atlas and the Daily Titan.

AI POPESCU in teacher's office
Headshot of Professor Andrei Ilie Popescu. Provided by/Andrei Ilie Popescu
Panoramic View of Toulon
View of the city of Toulon from an overlook. Provided by/Andrei Ilie Popescu
Copy of Downtown Toulon - opera house
The beautiful downtown Toulon opera house, L ’opera de Toulon. Provided by/Andrei Ilie Popescu

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