Archery Club shoots for the end of the semester

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For their final event of the semester, Archery Club competed in a Monopoly-themed shoot at Michiana Archery.

The shoot was set up so that members could shoot at Monopoly “money.” Club members tallied up their “money” at the end of the shoot and were able to pick from a variety of archery-themed prizes.

The prizes consisted of a limited-edition arrow, an archery club t-shirt, arrow pullings, fletchings, stickers, calendars, magazines, bags, pens, lip balm and more. All of these items were obtained by sponsors from Archery Nationals and the Archery Trader Association (ATA), attended by Archery club president, Hannah Drudge.

“Since it’s our last shoot we wanted to give something to encourage [participants] to shoot for next year and we always talked about doing a giveaway,” explained Hannah Drudge.

One member, Corey Vermillion, even went so far as to agree to buy the winner of the shoot a new arm guard and glove. The winning member, Chris Vreugdenhil, scored $32, getting first pick on prizes as well as the new accessories from Vermillion.

One of the aspects that makes Archery Club stand out as a student organization at IU South Bend is the close relationship and true teamwork exhibited by the club.

Archery club has already planned a variety of potential events for the fall semester.

“Next year we want to do more board game themed shoots, we are also voting on new officers for next year at our next meeting. We talked about an archery club camping trip and possibly shooting with Notre Dame,” said Drudge.

Memberships continue throughout the summer, and meetings will continue based on club members’ schedules throughout the summer as well.

For more information on Archery Club, contact Hannah Drudge at For more information on Michiana Archery and their services, go to, or visit their Facebook page.

Firestein, K - Archery1
Archery club members line up to shoot. PHOTO BY/Katelyn Firestein
Firestein, K - Archery2
Club member Corey Vermillion cashes in for prizes. PHOTO BY/KATELYN FIRESTEIN
Firestein, K - Archery3
Archer hit the bullseye, popping a balloon. PHOTO/KATELYN FIRESTEIN
Firestein, K - Archery4
Monopoly money targets as members compete for the winning arrow. PHOTO/KATELYN FIRESTEIN
Firestein, K - Archery5
Archery club member Chris Vreugdenhil lining up his shot. PHOTO/KATELYN FIRESTEIN
Firestein, K - Archery6
The archery club showing off their new team t-shirts. PHOTO/KATELYN FIRESTEIN

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