Titans softball team Spring Break Trip, from a player’s perspective

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Staff Writer, Pitcher for the Titans softball team

The Titans softball team went to Florida for a week-long softball trip over spring break. This trip was really fun and we played really well.

March 9

8-1 against Grace College

13-2 against Carlow University

On the first day of our spring trip, we played two games. The games were very hot, but we were all very excited to be able to play. We won both the games and had a blast. I can’t wait to play again tomorrow.

March 10

6-1 against Indiana Institute of Technology

4-2 against St. Mary-of-the-Woods University

On the second day of spring trip, we still went undefeated, we had a blast playing and hanging out as a team. We played two really good teams but still managed to keep our winning streak. After our games, we went to the pool at our hotel and hung out as a team.

March 11

The third day of spring trip we had a day off and got to hang out with our families. I got to go to the beach with my family as well as most of our team. The other girls on the team hung out by the pool or went to Disney Springs with our coaches. We all got back around 7:30 p.m. so we could have team time like we did every night in order to get ready for our next day of games.

March 12

6-2 against Lourdes University

8-0 against College of St. Mary

On the fourth day, we played two more games and managed to keep the winning streak. We have been playing really well, and the other teams are good as well. Once the games were over we all got dressed up and went to dinner as a team. I loved getting dressed up with my teammates because it showed that we can do both get dressed up and get dirty.

March 13

1-6 against Lawrence Technological Institute

13-12 against Indiana Institute of Technology

Wednesday was the day we lost our winning streak. We played Lawrence Tech and Indiana Tech. We made a couple of errors that cost us a few runs, but once we got everything together we managed to keep it at a lower scoring game. The next game we played Indiana Tech and won 13-12. We got to play games during our team time which was really fun and hung out with our teammates again.

March 14

On Thursday we, as a team, went to Disney World. We all had a blast and got to ride many rides. My favorite part of this day was the fact that it was my birthday and I got to spend it with my friends in “the happiest place on earth.” We ate a lot of food which was my favorite part of the day.

March 15

2-14 Lawrence Technological University

1-4 Missouri Baptist University

On Friday, which was our last day, we had two hard games which we lost. The first game we lost, and the second game we tried to redeem ourselves but fell short of the win. We had lunch as a team and then went back to the hotel and had team bonding at the pool where we all had a blast. We made some of our teammates jump into the pool with their clothes on.

Overall this trip was amazing, and I loved hanging out with my teammates. The weather was just right and there was nothing stopping us from playing. We finished the trip 7-3 which is great. I am so proud of our team and can’t wait until we are back on our home field playing.

Titans softball team in Florida over Spring Break. Photo provided by Ashley Cox
Ashley Cox pitching in Florida. / photo provided by Ashley Cox

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