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Volunteer as tribute at the Garbage Games


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Our environment is at stake. Do you volunteer as tribute?

The Center for a Sustainable Future will host the first annual “Garbage Games” on campus, located in the Student Activities Center (SAC)… The event will start at 4 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019.

The “Garbage Games” will have a similar layout to the popular book and film series “The Hunger Games.” Teams will send their “tribute” to the center of the basketball court to collect and bring back a certain number and type of items to either be recycled, composted or thrown away. Each “tribute” will be wearing a set of flag football flags and if they lose them all, they will have to select another person on their team to act as the “tribute,” and the team with the largest number of items correctly sorted and collected–as well as having the most people still “alive” on their team, wins.

“There has been so many different things done over the years, it really depends on the students that are here, and what their interests are, because sustainability is so broad,” Krista Bailey, director of the Center of Sustainability at IU South Bend.
The Sustainability Club has been a big driver of activities for students.

Bringing people together and saying “Hey, we all care about the same thing, and are driven and motivated by the same thing,” Bailey said.

Some students and faculty may remember initiatives the Center has promoted including “Meatless Monday.” The Sustainability Club and the Center for a Sustainable Future tabled during lunch in The Grille to continue the movement.

More currently, “We have been showing different films about a range of topics,” said Bailey. “This year, we showed a movie about bees, pollinators and why they are important, it is part of our work to become certified as a ‘Bee campus.’ We do have hives on campus, so building on that education and engagement aspect with that.”

There is a Bee art contest that is being piloted this year so we will be encouraging students to submit a piece of artwork about pollinators, about Bees, and it will be a contest. There will be an actual art show for it will. They will be giving out an award for the best piece that is selected by a panel of judges, but also a People’s Choice Award. So that is another thing. That is really driven by students,” added Bailey.

The “Garbage Games” are designed to help educate and inform students, while having fun. Food and prizes will be provided.

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