Highlights from Oct. 18 Student Government Association meeting

Jameson Molnar and Russell Williams requesting funding on behalf of the Disney Club and Helping Other People project(H.O.P.) for their haunted house event.
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The Student Government As­sociation (SGA) discussed fund­ing approvals for the Disney Club and Helping Other People project (H.O.P.), History Club and Com­munity Council after listening to their requests at the meeting held at 1 p.m. Friday, Oct. 18.

SGA members first listened to a funding request from the Disney Club for $2500 to help fund their H.O.P. project.

The club said the funds would go toward their haunted house event for Halloween.

“The haunted house this year serves as a food drive and we thought by doing this we could in­crease activity on campus with stu­dents as well as bring in members of the community,” said Russell Williams, a representative from the Disney Club.

After some discussion, the SGA approved the funding request for $2500.

The event will receive $2000 for two inflatables, a ‘spooky sinking ship’ and ‘obstacle’ along with 10 generators and blowing machines to run them, along with $500 for haunted house set up.

SGA Senator Innocent Byirin­giro, one of the few who abstained his vote, said he fully supports this event but abstained his vote because he was not completely as­sured that $2000 was the best pos­sible deal for the two inflatables.

Senator Nick Sheppard Patel voted yes for the funding request.

“I think events like this are exactly the kind of events that we should all support to continue to build IUSB’s partnerships and im­age within the local community,” Patel said.

The next request came from the History Club for $185 toward a licensing fee to show the film “All Quiet on the Western Front” on campus, along with $120 for pizza and drinks for another campus event where they’ll host guest speaker Mayor Dave Wood.

“This semester the Senate had refused to fund the History Club because their event was off campus. This time the funding request was unanimously approved, I believe, because the club is doing something on campus,” Byiringiro said.

Last to present their funding re­quest was the Community Council for $180 toward pizza and drinks to host their upcoming Halloween costume and dance party event.

There was a brief debate, but the SGA approved the final funding request for $180. Patel said though all the funding requests today were approved, President Lee Cohen will need to also approve them.

“The events coming up like a sushi demonstration, a presenta­tion from Mishawaka mayor Dave Wood, a full screening of “All Quiet on the Western Front,” a haunted house, Boo2You, a Hal­loween dance and others are build­ing student life at IUSB in the best ways,” Patel said.

The next meeting will be held Friday, Oct. 25, at 1 p.m. in room 206 of the Student Activities Center.

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Jamensen Molnar and Russell Williams requesting funding on behalf of the Disney Club for their haunted house event.

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