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Prof. Merilee Britt encourages women in chem

Merilee Britt has taught chemistry at IU South Bend for over 22 years. She earned Merit Status, a promotional category that recognizes outstanding contributions of Associate Faculty, in 2019. This status is awarded to those who have made a professional commitment to IU South Bend.

Alpha Sigma Tau reflect on sisterhood

In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, The Preface spoke to Alpha Sigma Tau, IU South Bend’s only sorority. A few members of the group answered a few different questions on their ideas of being a woman, and what it means to them. 

Comp-Sci chair Dr. Dana Vrajitoru empowers women in STEM

If you are a computer science major at IU South Bend, your leaders are women from the ground up. All-IU President Pamela Whitten leads your system, Chancellor Susan Elrod leads your campus, Dean Brenda Philipps leads your college, and your program – computer and information sciences – is chaired by Dr. Dana Vrajitoru.

Ebony Stewart slammed her way through hard topics during poetry event

By Connie Klimek Staff Writer Titan Productions hosted a spoken word poetry event showcasing the work of one of the top touring poets in the United States, Ebony Stewart.  Titan Productions described, “Stewart is an international touring poet and performance artist. Her work speaks to the Black experience, with emphasis on gender, sexuality, womanhood, and

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