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South Bend Unity Gardens welcomes student volunteers

Why is the Hulk considered a very good gardener? Because he’s got green thumbs! But the Hulk doesn’t have to be the only green thumbed hero – the Unity Gardens of South Bend invites you to join them. Bring yourself, a friend or a family member (tools are provided) and help plant all sorts of vegetables from tomatoes, peppers and lettuce to peas, kale and turnips. Your hard work won’t go unnoticed – you are welcome to take any delicious home grown food back with you when you leave. 

Tasty Tips with Tay: What are we eating in the time of quarantine?

By Taylor Waldron Co-Editor-in-Chief tswaldro@iu.edu Hello foodie readers and novice chefs! I have missed this so much. During our 5 month break, I’ve been cooking, eating junk food and watching far too many Tik Toks.  I’ve ventured into the side of food Tik Tok, and there are so many recipes I want to share with

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Campus Unity Garden ready to grow

By: TANNIA JOHNSON Staff Writer As growing season begins, the university’s Unity Garden team has held clean-up events to get the local gardens ready. The gardens feature wooden flower bed boxes, along with a sitting area and a shed that holds tools needed for the garden. With help from volunteers and members of the South

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Students plant the roots for sustainable future

By: ALLISSA CORAK Staff Writer @AllissaCorak Leaving behind a useful planet for the future begins with planting the roots and starting small. This is exactly what a group of IU South Bend sustainability students are trying to accomplish. The sizeable IUSB Community Garden is sponsored by the Unity Gardens of South Bend and is a

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