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Sculpture talent on display at IU South Bend

By: TORI WILSON Staff Writer wilsonvr@iu.edu Morgan Koenig was one of several students who had their artwork displayed in the art gallery in the Education and Arts building on campus. The student exhibition opened on Feb. 13, 2020, and will be open through March 14, 2020. Koenig created a piece that she calls “Rumors Dress,”

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The Race Card Project at IUSB

By: TORI WILSON Staff Writer In 2010, former NPR journalist Michelle Norris decided to conduct an experiment that encouraged people to talk about race. This experiment had people write only six words about race on a printed postcard. These six words could have been observations or experiences they’ve had about race. Norris received 600 of

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QSA offers safe space for all on campus

By: TORI WILSON Staff Writer The LGBTQ community at IU South Bend has grown over the last few years and IU South Bend has been working to promote a safe, open environment for students to express themselves. The Queer Straight Alliance (QSA) at IU South Bend is a student organization in which LGBTQ+ individuals and

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