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“Getting Involved”:

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If you’ve been a college student for longer than a day, you’re already tired of being told to “get involved.” You’ve heard it so many times it’s nearly become meaningless, leaving you without an idea of how to really attain that mysterious “involvement”. With 152 organizations listed on Titan Atlas, how are you supposed to make heads or tails of it all?

Measures YOU Can Take Against Sexual Assault

By: Connie Klimek Staff-Writer    If you saw someone being physically assaulted, then one minute later, you saw it happen to another person and another, would you care?    “Every 68 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted, ” according to Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, RAINN.     The unfortunate reality of sexual assault is that more often

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Student Nurses Association hosts clothing and toiletry drive

By: Alyssa Foster Co-Editor-in-Chief    The IU South Bend Student Nurses Association is currently hosting a “Keep the Children Warm” donation drive. The donation drive will continue through Oct. 15.    The SNA is currently collecting hats, gloves, scarves, gently used coats, boots, deodorants, combs, toothbrushes and small children’s clothes for students at local elementary schools.     “In

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Don’t know how to get engaged on campus? Get the Corq App!

By: Reagan Ayala Intern    This semester has seen more events on campus than in previous years. It feels like there are three new events every single day. It can be really hard to figure out what to attend. Luckily, IU South Bend Student Life has made it easier for everyone to know what’s going on.

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SGA discusses committee reports

By: Mira Costello Staff-Writer    In the absence of many senators, staffers and their faculty advisor, the Student Government Association held a brief meeting on Friday, Nov. 5 primarily to discuss committee reports.    The safety committee, chaired by senior Anna Roberts, said they are preparing for their annual safety walk with IUPD to identify locations on

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Speak Out Against Hate goes virtual

By: Kate Luce Co-Editor-in-Chief Active Minds, the Queer Straight Alliance and the Honors Program all teamed up to host Speak Out Against Hate. This event comes to IU South Bend after recent attacks against Asian-Americans, a changing political system and the midst of the pandemic. Speak Out Against Hate typically partners with other organizations on

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Indulging for independence: Honors Program celebrates Greek Independence Day

By: Cassidy Martenson Staff-Writer  The Honors Program at celebrated Greek Independence Day with a sweet treat on Thursday. Students joined Dr. Neovi Karakatsanis, honors program director, virtually to make baklava in their own homes and learn about Greek history.  The idea was originally for a just cooking demonstration led by Dr. Karakatsanis. The idea then

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