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Clothesline Project braves fall winds

By: JOHN LARSON Staff Writer larsonjd@iu.edu Don’t be surprised if you see some t-shirts flowing in the wind between Northside and the SAC, but certainly pay attention. The Feminist Student Union (FSU) has erected a display for the Clothesline Project, which encourages victims of incest, domestic violence and sexual assault to write their statements onto

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The Clothesline Project returns to IUSB

By: KATE LUCE Staff Writer katelucellc@gmail.com More than 100 t-shirts painted with messages of encouragement, triumph and survival are hard to miss on campus. Those t-shirts are part of the Clothesline Project, which is currently on display near the Student Activities Center and Northside Hall throughout the month of October. The Clothesline Project is intended

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Salisbury’s take

By: STEPHEN SALISBURY SGA President This week I’d like to talk to you about how proud I am to see so many students serve our local community and beyond. October is Intimate Partner Violence Awareness Month and it is likely that you have seen the evidence of that fact on the Greenlawn mall this week

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