Contentious Senate and House bills sweep the U.S.

Following the 2022 Midterm election, the previously democratically led Congress experienced a flip in the House of Representatives as a Republican majority won the election. While the U.S. Senate held a Democratic majority, the House of Representatives saw a shift in the majority party, which instituted a split in congressional majority. This is historically known to create limitations on how many bills are passed at state and national levels, as well as what types of bills are written and brought to the senate floor. 

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Tennessee trip with Titans Softball

By: KAYLEE DARNELL Staff Columnist Friday (Day 1): Bus Ride There The seven to eight-hour bus ride to Lebanon, Tennessee consisted of lots of games, laughter and sleeping. We stopped about four hours into the trip to get lunch, where we stopped at subway and everyone was able to use an actual bathroom, not just […]