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Column: God is not a monster

BY: TAYLOR NEFF Staff Writer I have been pretty silent this semester when it comes to writing for The Preface, but when my sister-in-law called me and said there were extremists on campus screaming at people they were going to burn in hell, I knew I needed to write something. I am a bible-believing Christian

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IUSB Professor goes to Washington

Communications Lecturer Alec Hosterman chosen by White House to attend live State of the Union social media event By TAYLOR PAIGE NEFF Staff Writer What does it take to get noticed by the White House administration? Well if you’re Alec Hosterman and you teach a political communications course at IU South Bend, then it’s hard

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Student Profile: Courtney Simpson

By TAYLOR NEFF Staff Writer 5’10’. 2013. 32. Her height. Her graduation year. Her basketball number. A dental hygiene student at IU South Bend, Courtney Simpson is drilling both on and off the court. But did you know that this leading rebounder’s passion for the sport originated while watching her father play professionally in Spain?

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