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Students plant the roots for sustainable future

By: ALLISSA CORAK Staff Writer @AllissaCorak Leaving behind a useful planet for the future begins with planting the roots and starting small. This is exactly what a group of IU South Bend sustainability students are trying to accomplish. The sizeable IUSB Community Garden is sponsored by the Unity Gardens of South Bend and is a

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Student calls for campus changes to help environment

By: MATT WATKINS Guest Columnist Environmental sustainability is defined as the actions and processes that seek to elongate the natural resources of the earth, and minimize human impact on our environment. Although policy makers, environmentalists and laypeople alike have all attempted to contrive a solution that meets the demands of the triple bottom line that

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Sustainability students learn through art

By: ALICIA FLORES Staff Writer aaflores@umail.iu.edu Students in Professor Edwin Joseph’s “The Art of Sustainability” class at IU South Bend are working on a mural for the new location of Green Sense Farms. When finished the 8 by 32 foot mural will have a home in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China, sometime after this fall semester

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