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Meet the Staff: Karley Wajda

Hello! My name is Karley, and I am a senior here at IU South Bend. While I am counting down the days until graduation, I am very excited to spend my last semester with The Preface. I am a communications major with a concentration in organizational communication and a minor in interpersonal communication. I have a passion for public speaking and plan to make a career out of it after graduating. 

Meet the staff: Tahyia Alvi

My name is Tahyia Alvi. I am a senior at IU South Bend, a peer mentor and a staff writer at The Preface. I’m majoring in Political Science, with minors in Paralegal Studies and Sociology. As a Pakistani, I don’t see much representation of South Asians in the IU South Bend community, so I’m delighted to share some things about myself with you all. 

Staff Profile: Kristyn Kertai

My name is Kristyn or Kris, and I am a junior at IU South Bend. I am a drawing and painting major, and I am also working towards getting a minor in printmaking. I really enjoy creating semi-realistic and illustrative works of art that have a unique narrative to them. I hope to make art for a living, have my own online store and table at local festivals. I post my art on Instagram @kriskayart.

Meet the Staff: Benjamin Ward

Hi. I’m Benjamin, a junior here at IU South Bend. I am a communication studies major with a focus on journalism and a minor in music. You will often see me running across campus as I attempt to arrive fashionably late to my class. Though I am often running a few minutes behind, I am so passionate about feeding my curiosity with education. 

Staff Profile: Nawal Samdani

Hello everyone! My name is Nawal Samdani, and I am so excited to work for The Preface this semester! I’ve only been working for a few weeks and I already love it. I joined The Preface so I can be more involved on campus and meet more people. So far, I’ve met some amazing people through and hope to meet more in the future. I also enjoy writing so this job is the perfect fit for me.

Staff profile: Kerry Garrett

My name is Kerry, and I am currently a junior. I am an English major with a minor in professional writing, and my primary goal is to become a journalist. Since I am not entirely sure how sustainable this will be, I will also consider becoming a professor, because I already have plans to receive schooling beyond the undergraduate level.

Staff Profile: Morgan Watters

Hi, my name is Morgan Watters and I am a junior at IU South Bend. My major is Drawing and Painting, and I am working towards getting a minor in Art History. 

I joined the Preface because Chloe Teal, a dear friend and former student at IU South Bend, recommended that I join. Being an art student, I tend to do less writing so this is a perfect opportunity to stretch my skill set. The Preface is also a perfect job for those who require a flexible schedule, and flexibility is something that I always need.