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Living with the editors: Snowed in

By: Alyssa Foster and Cassidy Martenson Co-Editor and visiting writer    We got snowed in this week and even though it was only one day, it was miserable.    We are both out of milk, and what can you actually make without milk? Not macaroni & cheese, the meal Alyssa usually eats. Not even a bowl of […]

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Are snow days a thing of the past?

By: Kate Luce Editor-in-Chief    As the weather gets cooler, maybe the one thing most people aren’t looking forward to is snow. With poor weather conditions, it’s inevitable that students might have to drive through wintery conditions, but what might determine when IU South Bend closes? Well, there are a few factors that come into play […]


Your new weather god requests you spend snow days better

By: JIM IRIZARRY Last week, IU South Bend once again found itself falling victim to the erratic Midwestern weather pattern known as “winter.” I find this ironic because one of the big selling points (if you can call them that) when I was looking at going back to school was that “IUSB never closes […]