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Salisbury’s take

By: STEPHEN SALISBURY SGA President When I look out the window of my office onto the center of campus and I see the beautiful fall colors that surround us, I’m reminded of how quickly time passes on our journeys. It seems like so many of us are just counting the days until the semester is

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SGA president takes a different perspective on new parking rules

By: STEPHEN SALISBURY SGA President One of the hottest topics on campus this past week has been the new flat rate that everyone has to pay to park on campus. We even had folks on the local news complaining about this situation. Basically, at least for this year, you simply have to pay an upfront,

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Meet the 2013 SGA Presidential canidates

Students running for Student Government Association (SGA) positions may now begin campaigning. There are three students running for SGA president. They are Lee Cohen, Hailey Hennessy and Lowell Ritter. Twenty-four students are running for a senator position while the treasurer, vice president and secretary positions are uncontested.     The website where voting will take place

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