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The dangers of assumption: “Female sex offenders: (Mis)representations and realities”

By: Cassidy Martenson Staff Writer *TRIGGER WARNING: SEXUAL ASSAULT*  The Women’s and Gender Studies department hosted the public forum event “Female sex offenders: (Mis)representations and realities” on March 5. The forum was led by Stacie Merken, assistant professor in the department of Criminal Justice, and examined the dangerous reality of female sex offenders.   The forum

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Knowing How to Stay Safe Sexually is Important for All

By: EMILY TRENT Staff Writer  emmtrent@iu.edu Sex can be a difficult subject for some people to talk about due to several different reasons. During this year’s Safety Week, IU South Bend held their first ever Sexual Health Fair open to all students on campus. The event was hosted by the Family Justice Center, Mosaic Health

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