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SGA elections approach

By: ZACHARY BEAUCHAMP Staff Writer The Student Government Association (SGA) hosts elections every spring semester to elect their next set of officials. There are 16 positions to fill in the SGA. The positions include: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and 12 Senators. “The terms are for one year and start after Final Exams and run into

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Cops and Hot Dogs

BY: ANTHONY AYALA Staff Writer @bman4ever92 The IU South Bend Police Department were a part of a community outreach program, Hot Dogs with the Cops, on Sept. 12 on top of the parking garage. Students, faculty, staff and police came together to enjoy music, a fresh, grilled hotdog and each other’s company. Kurt Martz, Chief

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Titan of the Week: Scott Strittmatter

By: LESLIE LESTINSKY Staff Writer @LeslieWriteNow Tell our readers a little bit about your college experience: I grew up in Michigan and did my undergrad at Central Michigan University, double majoring in English and communication. I was also a resident assistant there and interned at our student life office. I really enjoyed working with students

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