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Office of Judicial Affairs now the Office of Student Conduct (and a few more changes)

By: SARAH E. WARD Staff Writer The Office of Student Conduct at IU South Bend, formerly called the Office of Judicial Affairs, is undergoing a few changes this year. While the office will still uphold Indiana University’s Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct, they are also trying to expand their student programs and services.

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New dental hygiene facility has bright future

Click photos for captions By: SARAH E. WARD Staff Writer The former location of IU South Bend’s dental hygiene clinic was crowded, aging and not meant to be a permanent dental clinic. Still, the program had been operating in Riverside Hall along Northside Boulevard since 1969, where it was intended to stay only on a

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Admirers, confessions and a little controversy

Student-created Facebook pages feature IUSB confessions, admirers and snoozers By: SARAH E. WARD Staff Writer There has been a recent rash of IU South Bend Facebook pages popping up, and they’re grabbing students’ attention. The IUSB Secret Admirers page and the IUSB confessions page are run by Jessica Williams, a senior. As of Sunday, Nov.

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River Crossing Student Housing land rich in local history

The site was once an amusement park, baseball diamond, and more By: SARAH E. WARD Staff Writer When the IU South Bend River Crossing campus apartments were dedicated in 2008 and students began moving in that fall, there probably wasn’t a thought about the land the apartments now rested on. Indeed it is certainly just

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Graduate school options at IU South Bend

By: SARAH E. WARD Staff Writer It’s time to start filing out those applications for scholarships, financial aid and yes, graduate school. Those choosing to attend graduate school may not be aware that IU South Bend offers many graduate programs. IUSB offers 17 master’s programs through their five schools with online and evening classes offered

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Local business spotlight: Bicycle Gallery & Body Art

Art gallery offers tattoos and body piercing By: SARAH E. WARD Staff Writer     Bicycle Gallery & Body Art did not always offer tattoos and body piercing to visitors of downtown South Bend’s dining and arts district. When the gallery first opened in November 2012 they only showcased art work from local artists. It was

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Michiana men given platform for expression

Staff writer

In American culture, women are often portrayed as natural creatures of expression who tend to share stories, feelings and memories to others with a sense of ease. Men, on the other hand, are culturally discouraged from crying or are considered soft if seen as too sensitive or emotionally expressive. The Michiana Manologues is beginning to break that societal stigma by providing a platform for Michiana men to share their anecdotes, intimate thoughts, comedic fails, personal stories and more…